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Next to our logo is the statement "Collecting your trust." We consider that to be a commitment to our clients, and we take it very seriously. Our entire staff is committed to excellence, and under no circumstances will we accept less. Stallings Financial keeps a constant pulse on the accounts receivable market and stays on the up-to-date automation. This attention to detail, and constantly striving to be the best, has allowed us the opportunity to provide outstanding service and results for our clients.

Dan Stallings, founder Stallings Financial Group, started the company in 1983.  His career in the collection industry began in 1964, and he subsequently opened his first agency in Orlando, Florida in 1969 and his second agency in Jacksonville, Florida in 1972.

Dan recognized the importance of training his family in all facets of their business, as well as the collection industry. When he unexpectedly passed away, his foresight provided a seamless transition within the company.

Now, the second generation is moving to the forefront.  Their daughter, Janet Stallings, Chief Executive Officer, has implemented several exciting and innovative programs that will keep Stallings Financial on the cutting edge of the industry. 


1111 S. Marietta Parkway, Suite B, Marietta, Georgia 30060
Local: 770.428.2454    Toll-free: 800.456.4601   Fax: 770.429.0864